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Marinas are not just a dock, they are experience and destination hubs.

Many marinas are striving to provide both convenience and a destination experience to boaters who now look for just the right balance between work and play.
Aside from standard services like taking on fuel, provisioning, pump out and yacht detailing, marinas also cater to more luxurious indulgences such as relaxing by the pool, working out in a high-tech modern gym, fine dining, or socializing with friends and family.

It's not just about Netflix -- WiFi allows boaters to stay connected to work, family, friends, entertainment and access information.

High-speed WiFi is an all important part in delivering convenience and a wonderful experience.

Why choose Lokket WiFi.

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Injury and even life threatening hazards from loose wires, rusted old falling-apart hardware dangling from marina roofs and docks, we've seen it all. Why on earth are you risking your brand and business with your current provider?


You're in safe hands. We've supported over 60,000 WiFi networks in over 50 countries since 2004. Like you, we know what we are doing and we understand how important the right people are to our company.


Every boater knows how important a ships captain is and so do we. Our leadership team is here to support you and your business. If your ship goes down so does ours and we're not about to let that happen.


Every day you hear about another hack, some city under ransomware and identity theft. Lokket WiFi comes with Unified Threat Management (UTM) built in, to protect you, your customers and visitors. Does your current provider offer this service?

Lokket Certified Marina

Become a Lokket certified marina and boaters know they can easily connect their existing service.

Destination Roaming

Fancy that, boaters take their boats out. With Lokket they can connect at any Lokket certified marina or destination with their existing plan.

Safe and Reliable

Safe, reliable and fully supported WiFi is the right of every marina and boater. Let's build this network together.

What's the price?


Deploying Lokket WiFi in your marina costs you nothing.

No bandwidth fees. No hardware costs. No installation cost. NOTHING!

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Catalina offers something for everyone and is a favorite destination of many boaters for day trips and weekends.

Did we mention the price?






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