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Catalina Island
WiFi over 35 miles of Pacific Ocean

Catalina Island needed better Internet access for residents, local business and visitors so we designed a solution that delivered Gigabit WiFi to the island over 35 miles of Pacific Ocean.Visit Catalina Island and check out the awesome WiFi.
All Lokket WiFi customers and boaters can now use their service on Catalina Island without the need for any new equipment of srvices

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Marina WiFi Solutions

Marinas are serious businesses and you deserve Internet solutions from serious professionals, not fly-by-night operators. Finally a service provider you can count on and reach when calling for support. Find out more.

Home WiFi Internet

Isn't it time to finally cut the cord for good? Tell us you really truly love your ISP and we will leave you alone, but if you'd like the WiFi of your dreams we're here to help. Find out more.

Apartment Complex WiFi

Your tenants love awesome amenities and deserve better Internet access. Improve tenants lives, upgrade your building and increase yields all in one go. Find out more.

Boater WiFi Internet

Dear boater, aren't you tired of poor services, disconnections, your support calls not being returned. Promises, promises. You finally have someone you can count on. Find out more.


Community Free WiFi

It’s our mission to bring Free Wi-Fi access to as many people in our community as we can reach.
We believe that universal, secure, fair access to high-speed internet is critical to our shared vision of a healthy, safe and prosperous city.
A connected community will help support our local economy by connecting residents and guests with local businesses that share our same vision.
Find out more.
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We built a program to help you be rewarded with points, which you can convert to deals and prizes, like rent payment, slip fees, even free donuts. Mmmm, donuts.


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