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High-Speed WiFi is always ranked as a highly desired amenity and convenience

These days, high-speed WiFi is a must. Make sure to give your residents a great connection throughout your common areas.
They may need to download music in the gym, stream a movie in the lounge, or hop on a conference call in co-working spaces. This is one apartment amenity that is definitely worth the investment!

With always connected lives, tenants actually expect high-speed WiFi availability and won’t accept bad service in their homes, it's essential.

Why choose Lokket WiFi.

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No digging up streets, damaging walls and in fact you won't even notice we are there. We understand the operational requirements for property managers and promise no headaches and goodness me, we clean up after ourselves too.


You're in safe hands. We've supported over 60,000 WiFi networks in over 50 countries since 2004. Like you, we know what we are doing and we understand how important the right people are to our company.


Brownfield apartments are our specialty, and we understand their sensitivities. Our leadership team is here to support you and your business. If you're not happy, we won't stop until you are.


Every day you hear about another hack, some city under ransomware and identity theft. Lokket WiFi comes with Unified Threat Management (UTM) built in, to protect you, your customers and visitors. Does your current provider offer this service?

Lokket Certified MDU

Become a Lokket certified MDU and tenants know they can easily connect their existing service at your complex when they move in.

Supports Guests

Fancy that, people have visitors. With Lokket they can connect at to your building Free WiFi service and stay connected.

Safe and Reliable

Safe, reliable and fully supported WiFi is the right of every tenant. Let's build this network together.

What's the price?


Deploying Lokket WiFi in your MDU costs you nothing.

No bandwidth fees. No hardware costs. No installation cost. NOTHING!

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It's not just about Netflix -- WiFi allows tenants to stay connected to work, family, friends, entertainment and access information.

Did we mention the price?






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